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*I will be moving the project to ACE*

*Various bug fixes done, sorry!*

*I also balanced the game a bit.*

You need to pay a debt you own while increase your brothel's fame.

You can decide what kind of brothel you manage; you can change the target client's genders and likes, also select the applicants you like to work in the brothel through publicity.

By hiring services you can ease the management and unlock more functions.

-Only availables till now: shop, modify, train-


The fame inscrease when you accomplish certain conditions, such as: number of floors, level of the rooms, level of the workers, services, ect.


Build more floors to allocate more workers.


Upgrade the rooms to increase the happiness recover and earnings of the occupants.


The workers can work only when they are allocated in a room.

The worker's happiness start to decrease when they are in a room but the room also recovers some worker's happines every ten minutes and when the day passes.

Also the worker's happiness will recover when they work for clients with genders they like and give them items, but will decrease if they work for clients they don't like or sell the items they own.

You can progressively change the worker's appearance and likes.

The fame of the workers will increase depending in the works they do.

Shame/Obedience System

-Not implemented yet-

Tamer functions

-Not implemented yet-

  • Character generator system with over 300 variations and increasing (hair styles,  skin color, body types).
  • Clothes generator system with lots of variations (in colors currently).

*Sex scenes are not available till now.

*Some features/systems may change.

*Bug reports, suggestions and comments are welcomed!

*Some grammatical/english errors and h0rr0rZ-XD may appear, be aware!

*Any donation is valued, even though is just a bit, or a little bit :), and will help me to continue creating games.


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Every time I play the game crashes not sure what to do. Has multiple errors 

Can you send me a screen capture?

It's a little annoying that this game doesn't work with a mouse

I'll try to use a mouse system but I don't guarantee anything...


It doesnt seem to work

(1 edit)

Elsewhere it was mentioned you need rpg maker xp rtp. That could be the issue but may be from a previous version

Thanks for comment it, I forgot to pass some of the stuff to the project folder, also i'm going to test it without the RTP to check if it can work without it to make it needless to have the RTP.